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24 april 2015

Fast & Easy Rigging NorthSails Warp F2015

Fast & Easy Rigging/De-Rigging

How to - tips&tricks

NorthSails Warp F2015 7.7
Platinum SDM 460 mast
Power.XT 2.0 42cm extension
Platinum 190-250 boom

27 februari 2015

Preview North Sails Warp F2015 9.0/LW (Light Wind edition)

Unpacking the new Warp F2015 9.0/LW (Light Wind edition)

Special Slalom sail for early planing, acceleration, efficiency in light wind slalom conditions. Wider mastsleeve of softer material than the other Warps F2015. Lighter film used in the top of the sail. Less mastcurve, different outline in the top. Extra zipper for the upper cam. To be used with the Platinum SDM 490/28 2015 mast.

Specs: lufflength 518cm +-1cm, boomlength 242cm max, 7 battens, 4 cams, 6.5 kg

Exited to give it a try as soon as I'm recovered....

North Sails Windsurfing Benelux
North Sails Windsurfing International

Pictures of the first garden rigging session of this beautiful sail. :-D

North Sails Warp F2015 9.0/LW compared to the Warp F2013 8.6

31 december 2014

Happy 2015 - Mark van Osch NED-413!

Windsurf Year 2014 flyby!

Wishing a Happy New Year 2015 to you all, 

in good health and doing what you love most!

29 december 2014

My year 2014 in review

My year 2014 in review.

Health: good year recovering from active rheumatism, now under control with medication and windsurf therapy. Fitness however could be better.
Family: enjoy watching my kids develop into individuals making their own choices in life
Friends: close friends are always nearby when you need them
Work: proud on what I do but not in balance last few months
Windsurfing: good to be back on the water with the number of sessions (wind/sup) more than 2012/2013 together. Every session gives me a boost in energy that I need.

Looking forward to 2015 and make a few changes.
Enjoy your time with family&friends and in good health!

See you on the water or at the beach! :-D

5 september 2014

Addicted to Windsurfing!

Started windsurfing back in '81, the same year that the Fanatic brand was founded.

Having an active windsurfcompetition career until '93 with multiple Dutch Champion titles in Racing/Funboard and top 5 at the Europeans.

Started windsurfing again approx 7 years ago and completely addicted again. Now also actively promoting Windsurfing where/when possible. Despite my rheumatism I will never stop windsurfing!

Very proud to be on the team and still addicted to ride!