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6 januari 2017

2016 Best of nine!

Happy New Year!

Thanks everybody (friends, family) for your support.

Best sport in the world, wishing I could do it more often.

In 2016 I did not give enough updates on this blog because my focus moved to Facebook.
For 2017 I will give you also more updates here!

Fast forward 2017! #motivated

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29 februari 2016

Winter windsurfsession - 28 feb 2016

Always nice to look back on a great day on the water. Sunny and challenging conditions (shifty/gusty/offshore wind 13-20 knots). Not too cold (3-7 celcius).  ;-)

Gives a lot of energy and motivation for the next time! :-)

Equipment used:
- Fanatic Falcon 138 (85cm)
- North Sails Warp F2016 8.4 (first use)
- F-HOT S3 46cm
- ION Select 5.5mm

Starting up



Closing the gap



Thx Christiaan van Gilst and Erwin Rovers for the pictures!

22 januari 2016

Windsurfblog NED-413 - Looking back at 2015 and forward to 2016!

Looking back at my 2015 windsurfsessions with a big smile! :-D

A slow year but a lot of qualitytime on the water!


  • Jan 2015 - New Years Slalom with surfmates
  • Feb 2015 - Racing in the cold at my homespot Kraaijenbergse Plassen
  • Mar 2015 - Windsurfweek with DFS mates at TWSwindsurf Tenerife 
  • Apr 2015 - Slalom/Racing/SUP at my homespot
  • May 2015 - Slalom lightwind ánd overpower at my homespot
  • Jun 2015 - Super Slalom at my homespot with Energylevel +++
  • Jul 2015 - My daugther on board again and Mike's daugther learning to windsurf
  • Aug 2015 - Slalom/Speed at Nunspeet with a PR for this slalomset (max 65.8 kmh)
  • Sep 2015 - "vanoschje" Racing style Kraaij 
  • Oct 2015 - Racing in Giesbeek, 2 races against sailboats
  • Nov 2015 - Makkum Beach weekend with the DFS team, Wave bump&jump
  • Dec 2015 - Makkum week with family&friends, Wave bump&jump

Good news for my health. My last checkup showed that my rheumatism is not active at the moment and I'm on the lowest dose methotrexate for the past half year. Fitness could be better, but 80kg and 14.9% BF is fine with me. :-)

Looking forward and very motivated for 2016, full throttle! ;-)

North Sails Windsurfing Benelux
Fanatic Benelux
ION Benelux

27 november 2015

Windsurfing back to the future 1985 -> 2015

Windsurfing back to the future 1985 -> 2015

Dutch Fun Speeders teamweekend in Makkum!

Took my 30 years old custom build Kosmos Wave (255x58) from the shack after many years to give it a try again.

It was fun, wind 22-37 knots, North Sails 4.7, big smile! :-D

Music credits: Miami Vice, Mike, Muse

Camera credits: Menno

21 september 2015

Introduction Fanatic 2016 Falcon Slalom and North Sails Warp F2016

This weekend I went to the Real Trip event in Makkum to help promote the 2016 Fanatic/North surfstuff. Saturday morning early we had a lot work to do unpacking because the container just arrived that week. A bit like an early Sinterklaas or Christmas. :-)

With this event we introduced the 2016 Fanatic Falcon and Falcon TE and the North Warp F2016 in the Netherlands! We got a lot of positive comments, some quotes:

"Especially the Warp stoo out in positive way, much nicer than a picture can show"
"Impressed by the look and feel of the new Warps"

"Awesome boards!"
"So the Falcon and Falcon TE have exactly the same shape? Nice offer!"
"The weight difference is not that much!"

Some pictures of our playground!

Fanatic Falcon and Falcon TE


North Warp F2016

Looking forward to give this stuff a try (or two, three, four, .....). ;-)