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5 september 2014

Addicted to Windsurfing!

Started windsurfing back in '81, the same year that the Fanatic brand was founded.

Having an active windsurfcompetition career until '93 with multiple Dutch Champion titles in Racing/Funboard and top 5 at the Europeans.

Started windsurfing again approx 7 years ago and completely addicted again. Now also actively promoting Windsurfing where/when possible. Despite my rheumatism I will never stop windsurfing!

Very proud to be on the team and still addicted to ride! 

Thanks for the support!

Photocredits: Patrick Bongartz, Erwin Bovendeur

27 februari 2014

February Windsurf sessions - Spring is in the air!

This month has been very good again with mild temperatures (no ice!) for this winter in the Netherlands!

Next blog I wil do a review on the new boards used so far this year, Fanatic Falcon 130 and Ray 100.

2 feb 2014
Kraaijenbergse Plassen, 8 celcius, 8-13 knots, GPS max 24 knots. Fanatic Falcon 130, North Warp f2013 9.2, F-HOT 46cm. I like this winter in Holland.

8 feb 2014
With a lot of surfmates at Kraaijenbergse Plassen, 8 celcius, 14-18 knots. Fanatic Ray 100, North Warp f2012 7.0, F-HOT 36cm. 

9 feb 2014
Not my day at my homespot. Difficult wind, with 37 knots gusts, and not enough confidence in these conditions. Have to pratice more. Next time. :-) 6 celcius, 20-37 knots. Fanatic Ray 100, North Warp f2014 5.7, F-HOT 32cm. Thx Rob Sauter for the picture.

15 feb 2014
Nice wintersession at my homespot Kraaij with a lot of surfmates. Old times revive. Freewave 85 with 4.7 approved, relaxed surfing. Wind 24-39 knots. After 25 years on a wave board again!! Thx Erwin Bovendeur for the picture.

16 feb 2014
Stoked, nice Dutch skies, sunny and wind. Used the big Slalom set, Falcon 130, Warp 8.6, F-HOT 42. Had to work for it in the gusts up to 25 knots, MAX GPS speed 30 knots! Busy on/at the water with a lot of surfmates, nice! Thx Sipke Bijlsma for the picture. :-)

24 feb 2014
Spring is in the air! Falcon 130, Warp 8.6, F-HOT 44. Sunny and 14 Celcius. Wind 10-13 knots, max GPS display 30 knots. I like! :-) This time a few hours back2back on the water. Tried to get more load on my left hand, let's see how this feels the next days. My fitness is still poor because of the rheumatism medication but I'm getting there. ...

Session #11 2014 (8 Windsurf, 3 SUP)

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20 januari 2014

I'm back again (on the water)!!!

Yes, after almost a half year without windsurfing I'm back on the water!

It looks like the windsurf- and SUP sessions have a positive effect on my joints. My finger is still recovering from active rheumatism but I can now use it without much pain. Already looking forward to the next session.

Windsurfsession 5 Jan 2014 Kraaijenbergse Plassen, wind 2-13 knots, temp 6-8 Celcius. Raceboardset Fanatic/North approved! Thx Nils for the pictures and Mike for the video.

Windsurfsession 10 Jan 2014, Kraaijenbergse Plassen, wind SW 5-13 knots, temp 7-9 Celcius, Fanatic Mega Cat 380, North Sails F42 8.5.

I also started with Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) with my Fanatic Cat and already did 3 sessions with it. This is a very good workout and alternative to Windsurfing.

SUPer session 12 Jan 2014, Kraaijenbergse Plassen, no wind, temp 0-3 Celcius, Fanatic Mega Cat 380, Fanatic Paddle. That's how we ride!

18 jan 2014 Let's beat this! SUP workout in my backyard, upstream, downstream. Boxmeer, Maas.

SUP session 19 Jan 2014, de Vilt, no wind, temp 5 Celcius, Fanatic Cat 380, ION 4/3. That's how we ride!

Session #5 2014 (2 Windsurf, 3 SUP).

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22 december 2013

2013 flyby, 2014 here we come!

2013 has been a fast ride with a lot of highs but also a few lows. 

All the best for you and your loved ones. 

Hope to see you on the water in 2014! 

Enjoy live, it's too short not to. _m/ :-)

9 oktober 2013

My ideal boardquiver for 2014!

Because I can't windsurfing this period (due to my rheumatism recovery) I've already sold my 2013 boards and had time enough to look into my ideal Fanatic 2014 boardquiver!

This resulted in a Fanatic boardquiver for 2014 as follows:

2014 Falcon Slalom 132, Ray 100, Falcon Speed xx

Fanatic Falcon 130

The 2013 Falcon 132 already was one of my favorite boards. Planing from 7 knots onwards with a very loose yet comfortable/fast ride on all courses, top efficiency! The 2014 Falcon 130 will have an adjusted so called "wing tail" with double cutouts and railcutouts for topspeed, acceleration and gybing ability. This board comes in full carbon construction for maximum stiffness and lightest weight, very important in this boardsize.

Combo Sails:
- North Warp 7.8, 8.6, 9.2
Combo Fins:
- F-HOT 42/S3, 44/S3, 46/S3 
- Gasoil 6/3 52

Board Specs:

- 81x230 cm, ofo 55 cm, 130 ltr
- Full Biax Carbon Sandwich Light Finish (Deck and Bottom)
- No Fin, Deep Tuttle Box
- Sailsize: 6.8 – 9.5 m²

Lightwind slalom 7-11 knots, 2013 Falcon 132/North Warp 9.2

Fanatic Ray 100
The 2013 Falcon 102 was one of the most versatile boards in the range. I used this board in 15 knots with a 7.8 up to 30 knots with 6.3, on flat and choppy water. It can be used for slalom ánd speed. 

For 2014 I choose the Ray aka "Falcon Wood". The Ray 100 has exact the same shape as the 2014 Falcon 100 but comes in a different construction, Biax Glass Sandwich with PVC/Wood layer on deck and bottom. I expect a bit more comfort/control than the Falcon Carbon construction in this size. Also the pricedifference is big (20%) and on top of that this board includes the new Choco Fireblade 4 36 G10 fin.

Combo Sails:

- North Warp 6.3, 7.0, 7.8
Combo Fins:
- F-HOT 32/S2, 34/S3, 36/S3 
- mXr UFO 34 G11, UFO Wide 30 10% 30 G10
- Choco Fireblade 4 36 G10

Board Specs:
- 63x235 cm, ofo 43.2 cm, 100 ltr
- Biax Glass Sandwich Light Finish
- Choco Fins Fireblade 4 36 cm G10, Medium Tuttle Box
- Sailsize: 5.5 – 8.2 m²

Spotrecord at my homespot with 2013 Falcon 102/North Warp 7.0

Fanatic Speed xx?

It's not yet known if there will be a new 2014 speed range from Fanatic. The boardquiver picture is just my artist impression. ;-)

Ideal for me would be a board in between the current Falcon Speed 51 and Falcon Slalom 79, approx 53 cm wide. I would use this board mostly on Strand Horst but also other speedspots.

Combo Sails:

- North Warp 5.7, 6.3, 7.0
Combo Fins:
- mXr TBD
- Select Hot Rod TBD

Board Specs: TBD :-)

The Falcon/Ray boards are expected to be delivered end of october, mid november. I want to thank Fanatic/Herman for the support! Photocredits Erwin Bovendeur.

I'll be back (on the water)! :-)