July Holiday and first windsurf sessions August

Time for a blogupdate again!

July holiday

In July we have had our holiday in beautiful Croatia. We stayed at the resort Bi Village in Fazana near Pula.  During our stay me and Charlynn have made 5 windsurfsessions with light wind. I used my Fanatic Mega Cat raceboard with a MS TR-2 9.5 and she her Fanatic Viper with a 3.5 Ripper rig.

The holiday itself was very relaxing with good weather. Croatia has very nice nature, we went 3 times to the national park Kamenyak near Prementura. We also made a boattrip along the westcoast of Istria. Some pictures of the boattrip:

At the resort there is a very good service at Windsurfstation with facilities for windsurfing and storage.

August sesssions

August started with a very nice windsurfing weekend (7-8 august) with family and friends. Saturdayafternoon we have had a relaxed low-wind surfsession at Rhederlaag, Giesbeek, almost in the backyard of my surfmate Mike. I used the Falcon 111 with the TR-7 7.6 but there was not enough wind to get planing. This afternoon was more meant for my daughter Charlynn (11yr) who is ready for her next step, using a harness and get planing. By experiment she could use the Mistral Sycro 102 from Mike and that went unexpected well. Her first time on a small board that is!


After a nice evening with both our families we started Sundaymorning early at Schokkerhaven. For windsurfgear I had to make choices what to take with me this weekend and I expected slalomconditions for my Falcon 111 and TR-7 7.0 and 7.6. When we arrived at Schokkerhaven the wind was more than expected 22-26 knots and chop ...... so, easy rigging the 7.0 and looked at Mike using his 76 ltr waveboard and 5.3 wavesail. Surfmate Alfred was also there with his family on a holiday and was doing ok with his 6.4. 

When I went on the water is was full power slalom surfing, 4 reaches was enough and compared to a hour in  easy conditions. What I noticed was that not the chop was the problem but just the enormous power of the sail. The board really was flying over the chop, a amazing ride and feeling!

Surfmate Jasha also arrived, but at that time the wind was already decreasing and he had not enough for this 80ltr and 5.3 waveset. I could make some longer stints, the sun also came and this all made it very comfortable windsurfing!

At 15:00 we stopped because we promised Charlynn a session on Giesbeek on that same day. So back to Rhederlaag and Charlynn used the board from Mike again and later her own Fanatic Viper with her 3.5 Ripper sail. The progress she is making is very good and makes me proud!

All in all a very nice windsurfweekend with family and friends. Hope to do the same again in a short time.


Now (18th august) we are packed to go for a big Windsurfevent in the Netherlands, The MissionXL!

Both me and Charlynn are participating, she with the girls <15yr and me with the Masters >35yr. We are looking forward to it! :-)

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  1. marc:

    i see you have a Mega Cat.
    i just acquired an Ultra Cat.
    someone informed me there is a collar between the UJ/universal joint and the mast extension - where the cord and ball from the mast track attach.
    does the Mega Cat have this too??
    and if so, can you send me some pics so i can build one ??

    thx in advance
    Herzlichen Dank aus Kanada :-)