Windsurf projects to promote Windsurfing!

Last months I have been busy with a few Windsurf projects to further promote Windsurfing.

This is one of the follow ups of the plan that I started some time ago with Herman van den Berg under the name "Windsurfen in Nederland". Until now I have focussed on building a peoplenetwork in the Windsurf world, getting the Windsurf news on a higher level (like and promoting Windsurf events (like MissionXL), now it's time for the next step and reach a broader group of people via TV and Social Media.

Windsurf TV NL
An initiative to get Windsurfing on the National TV! This project started after I met fellow windsurf enthousiast Bart Noldus. He saw possibilities and had contacts to get Windsurfing on TV. To get this going I started a Facebook fanpage which after 3 months is a big success. This FB page has got more than 1300 likes and 500.000 views with a very active community and always good feedback.

I used my contacts to the PWA to get their approval to use their event material (like Aruba Slalom/Freestyle) to broadcast on TV in the Netherlands. Other content is from big events in the Netherlands (like the Mission XL) and how to start windsurfing (like the IkWindsurf initiative). With the international results and an Olympic golden candidate for the Netherlands timing is perfect. So following these riders (like Ben van der Steen and Dorian van Rijsselberghe) is alos part of the program. Another part of the program will focus on giving info on what Windsurfing is and what products to use. This is to start the pilots broadcasts, goal is to have a regular Windsurf program on TV.

We have developed a TV format to explain to sponsors what we can offer and what they get in return. To produce and get this on TV we need a budget. So far we have no concrete leads and budget to realize our plans this year, but we are still positive that we will succeed.

For more info:

Windsurf Apps
Also the mobile platform is a great way to share the passion for Windsurfing and reach a different (younger) group of people. Linked to the Windsurf TV project I have developed a version 1.1 of the Windsurf TV App which is available for iPhone and Android!

The Windsurf TV NL App (Dutch) includes the following tabs:
- all FB status updates
2. Info
- background/contact Windsurf TV NL initiative
3. WS Videos
- the best Windsurf video's
4. WS Nieuws
- the latest Windsurf news in the World
5. 4UBYU Youtube
- homemade Windsurf video's
6. 4UBYU Vimeo
- homemade Windsurf video's
- PWA Worldtour TV event coverage
8. WS Spots A-K
- Windsurf spots with spotinfo and weatherforecast, powered by (geo supported)
9. WS Spots L-Z
- Windsurf spots with spotinfo and weatherforecast, powered by (geo supported)
10. WS NL Events
- Windsurf events, powered by (geo supported)
11. WS NL Forum
- latest forumtopics, powered by
12. GP3S Sessies 
- latest GPS Speed sessions, powered by (geo supported)

App Store download. 

Android Market download.

Like a lot of things in life these projects need financing to continue. I have invested a lot of my spare time and money in these projects but my resources are running out.

To take this a step further I need your support!

For the Windsurf TV NL project we need a budget from one or more sponsors to get it on TV!

For the App development/hosting you can make a donation, everything helps!

Please contact me if you are interested to sponsor these projects and/or need more info!


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