Very slow but exciting start of the windsurfing season!

Sorry for the lack of updates here on my blog. The shift to Facebook is obvious but I will use my blog more to reflect on the past period and to look forward.

This windsurfing season has a very slow start for me because of several things. First of I've had a very busy period at work (Projectmanager IT) with a  lot of changes to cope with. Secondly my healt/fittness is not good lately. I've had the good news that I can stop medication for my reumatism, but the downside is that because of stopping my immune system has to find a new balance. The outlook however is good because using medication is never good. I now have to build up my fitness slowly to be able to have more and longer windsurfsessions. The best way to do that is of course go Windsurfing! :-)

The exciting news is that I got the National Teamrider status for North/Fanatic/ION. I'm proud and honoured and want to thank for this support. Because of this support I was able to get a very nice quiver of the newest 2012 sails and boards. I've had a few sessions with these but not enough to do a review. First impression however is very good and more to follow!

Here are some pics of a very nice windsurfsession end of march with the Falcon 125 and Warp 7.8.

Foto credits: Jessica Janssen

For keeping track on my windsurf sessions I switched from sessionlogs to I like the ease of use, functionality and how two young windsurf enthousiasts are developing it. This looks very promising.

I've been working on the Windsurf TV NL project. We now have a Internet TV channel and a very active Facebook fanpage. The goal is to promote Windsurfing and get it on National Television. Last month we started with a new workgroup with a lot of positive energy and creativity, so watch this project. ;-)

As an editor for and windsurf addict I'm also very active on the forum. It's difficult to bring news/info and contribute to discussions without the appearance of a conflict of interest. I'm still learning how to cope with this but hope that my trackrecord over the last years helps. I'm to motivated not to. :-)

My plans for this windsurfseason are to enjoy windsurfing to the fullest, more TOW, windsurfing with my kids, friends and DFS teammates, keeping positive and most of all having fun!

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