Keep Windsurfing Olympic!

The Windsurfing community is in shock after the decision of the ISAF council (5-may-12) to drop Windsurfing as an Olympic discipline for 2016. The International Sailing Federation played the game of Windsurfing versus Kitesurfing with no other option to choose from. Votes where 17 against 19 with the China/Asian countries absent and Spain who apparantly made an error because of the confusion of the voting system. What a soap!

Update: Windsurfing is back as Olympic discipline for RIO 2016, thanks all!

But it is not to late!
Now there are a few options to keep Windsurfing at the Olympics 2016:

IMHO should Windsurfing and Kitesurfing both be Olympic. However I believe that 2016 is too premature for kitesurfing. We should work together on a exciting format for both boardsports in Sailing and kick out some other expensive, non-attractive, non-accessable sailboating disciplines.

Focus on the same goal, non-fighting, keeping positive is key!

The ISAF annual meeting is in november 2012 with these important dates/meetings:

4 november - Windsurfing and kiteboarding committee
7 november - Events committee
8, 9 en 10 november - Council

What can you do to keep Windsurfing Olympic?
We as windsurfers (and fellow kitesurfers) must let our voice hear!

You can read first replies from Nick DempseyBryony ShawBj√∂rn Dunkerbeck and Kai Lenny, top!

Most imporant is to SIGN THE ONLINE PETITION, goal is to get 100.000 signatures!

Join the Facebook group!

Change your Facebook Timeline Coverphoto!

Contact your National Windsurfing Class Organisation!

Contact your ISAF Member National Authority!

Contribute to the RS:X class actionplan!

Contact local media, websites, newspapers and tell the story!

Don't let the dreams of a lot of youth windsurfers be crushed!

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