Windsurf Therapy and Equipment review!

Last month I started getting into the rhythm of one windsurfsession per week despite my rheumatism is active again. This is working out fine for me, the pain in my fingers is getting less every session without the use of drugs (methotrexate). Also my fitness (physically/mentally) is improving. Windsurfing is the best medicine!

In these sessions I've been working on my style/trim and tried a lot of different settings and fins. I'm super happy with the results of these sessions. So far this resulted in a more balanced stance with good speed, a free/hoovering ride and lots of control.

With my biggest slalomboard/sail I've done a topspeed of 30 knots in only 10-15 knots wind and in another lightwind session 25 knots in 7-11 knots wind, very efficient!

With my medium slalomboard I've improved the spotrecord on my homespot in choppy conditions/crosswind runs and on a session at the Veluwemeer I got a 2nd best Max 2 sec and Nautical Mile in the dayranking.

Some general findings are: mastrack further back, boomheigth medium, longer harnesslines, I like the softer fins with lift and control, on the sails increased camberpressure (added biggest spacers).

The combos that I've used:
- Fanatic Falcon 132, North Warp F2013 9.2, F-HOT 46 S3, Gasoil 6/3 52
- Fanatic Falcon 102, North Warp F2012 6.3, mXr UFO 34 G11, F-HOT 34 S3
- Fanatic Falcon 102, North Warp F2012 7.0, F-HOT S3 34, F-HOT 32 S2

More detailed findings per item are:

Fanatic Falcon 132
- replacement of my 2012 Falcon 125, a bit wider 81cm, different bottomshape with cutouts and less V
- very fast to get planing with a free/hoovering ride
- good balanced stance with the back angled footpads
- good railing/upwind/downwind performance
- easy to keep on track, no correction needed
- can handle big ánd small fins and seems to have no limit in accelerating

Fanatic Falcon 102
- replacement of my 2012 Falcon 99, a bit wider 63cm, different bottomshape less concaves and V
- a free/hoovering ride with a good balanced stance
- very fast crosswind and downwind with lots of control
- doesn't need a big fin for its ofo size
- although very different in size, the boards (102 and 132) have the same "feel"

Warp F2013 9.2
- added this size as my biggest slalomsail
- very light in handling and good pumping to get on a plane
- full profile below the boom with a good low end
- stable at speed and in gusts

Warp F2012 6.3/7.0
- same as last year but different trim, added biggest camberspacers to get more camberpressure
- resulting in a very stable profile in the lowest 3 battens, yet soft above the 4th batten with a nice twist
- improved acceleration and stability, easier too keep the sail at the right (closed) angle

Gasoil 6/3 52 
- planes fast
- rails easy but has a speedlimit
- good up/downwind
- spinout free with good control
- "stable/foregiving/lightwind slalom fin"

F-HOT 46 S3
- can handle the big 9.2 sail fine because of the good lift
- keeps accelerating and seems to have no limit
- good on up/down ánd crosswind
- gives the big board a nice trim with low nose
- very good speed and control
- "very fast/allround slalom fin"

mXr UFO 34 G11
- very fast on all courses (max speed with this fin)
- board rides free with a high nose, not really locked, seems to fins his ideal trim dependant on speed
- has more than one ride/acceleration at speed and when hitting gusts
- spinout sensitive with wrong pressure or less sailpressure, good recovery from spinout
- "sportive/6 gears speed/slalom fin"

F-HOT 34 S3
- very good acceleration and planing, converts every gusts into additional speed, high average speed
- more difficult to keep upwind/on track, wants to go downwind
- lots of control, no hassle
- can push the fin full at any speed (low/medium/high)
- keeps the nose of the board low in a locked position with a free ride
- "predictable/allround medium slalom fin"

F-HOT 32 S2
- very fast crosswind
- excellent control in choppy conditions
- keeps accelerating, no limit
- "fast and furious slalom fin"

The Choco Fireblade 2 G10 slalomfins that I've been using the past three seasons are very good allround slalomfins, very neutral response and forgiving in all conditions. They helped me gain trust/control after re-entering windsurfing with carbon fins 5 years ago. I think I'm now ready for the next step with the new fins reviewed above. :-)

A big thanks to Erwin Bovendeur for all the pictures, this makes looking back at the windsurfsessions special.

Hope to keep this up next months and maybe even increase the rhythm of my windsurfing therapy. :-)

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4 reacties:

  1. Ha Mark,
    Complimenten voor je fraaie blog. Vraagje; ik had een FHot 46 cm S3 ( icm een Starboard Isonic 127 liter ) maar vond dat hij op een gegeven moment ging remmen terwijl je juist nog harder kon. Maar het kwam niet uit de vin. Vreemd voor zo'n fraai afgewerkte vin. Herken jij dit?

    Joost Roskamp

  2. Good review! Very efficient I'd say!

    I need about 15-17 knots to do 30knots (no cam sail) and was able to do 28.54kts 2 sec peak in 9-13knots (3 cam koncept).
    I'd like to break 30knots in 10-15knots!!


  3. @Joost, thanks! Die ervaring heb ik juist niet met de F-Hot 46, ik heb de top nog niet ontdekt, in welke omstandigheden was dat?

  4. @Kevin, thanks! Max speed 2x-3x times windstrength must be possible. :-)