February Windsurf sessions - Spring is in the air!

This month has been very good again with mild temperatures (no ice!) for this winter in the Netherlands!

2 feb 2014
Kraaijenbergse Plassen, 8 celcius, 8-13 knots, GPS max 24 knots. Fanatic Falcon 130, North Warp f2013 9.2, F-HOT 46cm. I like this winter in Holland.

8 feb 2014
With a lot of surfmates at Kraaijenbergse Plassen, 8 celcius, 14-18 knots. Fanatic Ray 100, North Warp f2012 7.0, F-HOT 36cm. 

9 feb 2014
Not my day at my homespot. Difficult wind, with 37 knots gusts, and not enough confidence in these conditions. Have to pratice more. Next time. :-) 6 celcius, 20-37 knots. Fanatic Ray 100, North Warp f2014 5.7, F-HOT 32cm. Thx Rob Sauter for the picture.

15 feb 2014
Nice wintersession at my homespot Kraaij with a lot of surfmates. Old times revive. Freewave 85 with 4.7 approved, relaxed surfing. Wind 24-39 knots. After 25 years on a wave board again!! Thx Erwin Bovendeur for the picture.

16 feb 2014
Stoked, nice Dutch skies, sunny and wind. Used the big Slalom set, Falcon 130, Warp 8.6, F-HOT 42. Had to work for it in the gusts up to 25 knots, MAX GPS speed 30 knots! Busy on/at the water with a lot of surfmates, nice! Thx Sipke Bijlsma for the picture. :-)

24 feb 2014
Spring is in the air! Falcon 130, Warp 8.6, F-HOT 44. Sunny and 14 Celcius. Wind 10-13 knots, max GPS display 30 knots. I like! :-) This time a few hours back2back on the water. Tried to get more load on my left hand, let's see how this feels the next days. My fitness is still poor because of the rheumatism medication but I'm getting there. ...

Session #11 2014 (8 Windsurf, 3 SUP)

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