Windsurf sessions winter 2017

It's still winter in the Netherlands but I had a few very nice windsurfsessions last weeks.
Luckily for me a few photographers where there to shoot some pictures, thanks Sipke, Erwin and Chris!

Equipment I used in these sessions.

  • Fanatic Falcon 159 LW with the North Sails Warp F2017 9.0 and Choco Fireblade 50cm
  • Fanatic Falcon 129 TE with the North Sais Warp F2017 8.4 and F-HOT 42cm

My fitness is better than before, now with enough breath and strength and having FUN!

Findings from these sessions below.

foto van Mark van Osch.

Falcon 159 / Warp 9.0

Conditions: gusty wind 8-16 knots, inland lake, windchop.
+ early planing, passive just go a bit broad, active on the same course
+ good tracking course, no luff/lee steering
+ surprisingly good gybing (in/out) and keeping speed in the gybe
+ very good speed and keep going in wind holes, compared to surfmates
- a lot of pressure on my back leg, no time to change settings yet
- because it was choppy not enough lift, railing was diffucult, next time try a different fin

Falcon 129 /  Warp 8.4

Conditons: wind 16-25 knots, inland lake, windchop.
+ with my slalom setup easy to sail with a lot of control, board and sail!
+ with this big slalomset no problem with the chop and wind gusts
+ the Falcon 129 (80cm wide) does not need a big fin
- for more speed I need to change mastfoot/boom positions

Good to see more and more windsurfers at my homespot last years.

foto van Mark van Osch.

It's getting busy with a lot of surfmates and some fast riders there! :-)

See you next time, Mark.

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