March windsurf sessions - spring is in the air!

Last month has been up and down with the weather in the Netherlands. Spring is starting but difficult to get the right windsurfing conditions in combonation with time available. I did have time to do some fin testing for the Falcon Lightwind and spend time windsurfing with my daugther!

Windsurfing with my daugther

Beautiful day on/at the water with my daughter. The best sport to enjoy together. Lightwind fun, good times. Today it felt like summer.

This picture is from 6 years ago at the same spot "Heeswijkse Plas". One of the lakes of my homespot "Kraaijenbergse Plassen" in the Netherlands.

Lightwind Fin testing

Sunny, windy, surfmates, top! 

A bit time for (Falcon 159) Lightwind Slalom fintesting! F-HOT S3 48, Choco Black Pearl 50, Gasoil 6/3 52, Select S1 57. What fin would be best for mini-formula, combi Warp 9.6. At my homespot Kraaijenbergse Plassen.

Used the Falcon 159 LW and Warp F2017 9.6.

Need more time/trimming with this combo to get more speed, not satisfied yet (max2sec 25,4 knots). Motivated!

My windsurftrack of today.
Fitness is improving, 32 km in light winds (8-16knots).

Lightwind Slalomfin testresult:
  • Select S1 57cm to stiff, no lift, difficult to rail, sail free and push against.
  • Choco Blackpearl 50cm, very good allround fin for this board with 9.0 and smaller
  • F-HOT 48 cm, to small for this board
  • F-HOT 54cm perfect, good lift and control, good railing, easy! Thx for trying Peter! Have to order one ;-) 

Weed Speed Race

Since 2013 we are organizing the Weed Speed Race event. This is a virtual speed event where you can post sessions on The spot is "Strand Horst", a well known speedspot in the middle of the Netherlands. My part in that is "ranking master", I developed the software for the dailly/yearly ranking. End of march we had the pricegiving ceremony at Telstar Surfclub with some nice prices from our sponsors. :-)

More info on

Thanks for reading! See you next time, Mark.

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2 reacties:

  1. enjoy the fin comparison.
    what is "wrong" with the original Falcon LightWind 50 ??
    i use a Select Ultra Race 66 with my JP SLW92 and MauiSails TR-4 10 m²
    always wondered how much "shorter" I could go

  2. Nothing wrong. With a 9.0 or smaller this is a good allround/fast fin. With bigger sails I want/need more lift for the up/downwind courses.