Track your progress and keep improving!

Windsurfing is great and motivating to try to improve yourself every time!

To keep track of my progress I have been using a GPS device for my slalom/speed sessions since 2008 when I started windsurfing again. The website offers the possibility to record your sessions including the equipment used. I have 199 recorded sessions sofar and hope to add a lot more in the coming years!

Last weekend I decided to go windsurfing with a lot of surfmates on the Veluwemeer. Always nice to enjoy this sport with friends!

This spot is called Polsmaten and with the predicted wind ideal for a nice Slalom session. 

We arrived early and with the predicted wind I rigged my Warp 7.7 with the Falcon 114 and F-HOT 38cm fin. On the water the wind was on/off but the gusts kept getting stronger. With a few changes in settings, mastrack 0,5cm back and more outhaul, the Falcon just flew over the small chop with a lot of control and good speed. In the meantime a lot of riders where already using 90ltrs/7.0 sets, but I stayed 3 hours on the water with the same Slalomset because of I wanted to get most out of it.

This session resulted in a Personal Best for this medium size Slalomset:

  • 10 sec run 33,1 knots
  • 500 m 31,5 knots

Fastest for me since 2008 with slalomboards >68cm and sails >7.6!

I'm very happy with this improvement and this motivates me for the next sessions!

Thanks for reading! See you next time, Mark.

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