Windfoiling is starting for me!

Exciting times, Fanatic is launching a windfoil and I will be one of the first to try it! :-)

I'm very curious about the learning curve and new "freeride" or "fly" feeling. Also the lightwind suitability compared to Lightwind Slalom and Formula. Will be an absolute beginner again ;-)

The Fanatic windfoil will have a alu mast and carbon wings. Info about he Fanatic windfoil will follow soon. Also there will be Fanatic boards "foil approved" with reinforced tuttlebox and nose.

Here's a productvideo of the Gecko foil edition with a sneak peak of the windfoil in it.

Cannot wait untill the windfoil will be there!

Update 5 dec 2017: windfoil is delivered, for pics see:

Thanks for reading! See you next time, Mark.

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  1. You'll have a blast. It really changes your light air windsurfing. Secret tip: Don't worry about the back strap at first and use from 1-2m smaller sail.

    Best of luck!