Windsurf season 2017 - 2nd half - new stuff

The 2nd half of this 2017 windsurf season the opportunities to go windsurfing where less than I wanted. So the moments to remember are extra special. :-)

I enjoyed our family holiday in North Wales. What a spectacular landscape and coastline it has!

This year again I had a few good raceboard sessions. The combo of the good old Fanatic Cat 380 with the new Warp F2017 9.6 is working out great. The reduced luff curve and less loose leech gives the sail good lift needed for railing on the daggerboard with tight upwind courses.

We also had the introduction of new 2018 surfstuff at Telstar Surfclub. A lot to see for next season with some good inside info from Jordy Vonk and Herman van den Berg.

Some snippets:

  • Falcon TE 98, new shape
  • Blast, now with tuttle box
  • Gecko foil edition
  • Biggest sizes Falcon/Blast foil approved
  • Freewave STB
  • New footstraps, more comfort, with sizeindicator
  • Super Session, new freewave sail in the range
  • Warp f2018 proto, evolution from extensive R&D, colors/graphics will be different
  • All sails new symmetric battenpockets and come pre-tensioned specific per sail/batten

I changed from the two big slalomboards (129/159) to one, the Fanatic Falcon 136 85cm wide. My experience was that with my weight (78kg) haveing two lightwind slalomboards didn't have enough advantage. That's why I'm back to one big lightwind slalomboard and the 136 is a winner!

For the fins I now have a new F-HOT RS3 45cm to try. This fin will be the most used with the Falcon 136 and Warp 8.4.

Just in. the North Sails Warp F2018 8.4, rigth out of the bag, pré-tuned battens, just rig and go! Smooth camber rotation. Check the movie on my Instragram account.

Very motivated for next season, hope the winter is short!

Thanks for reading! See you next time, Mark.

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